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My hair gets very dull and dry so I was impressed at the smooth and shiny results after the treatment. It did take longer to apply than I expected but it was worth the effort.

Read the instructions carefully

It is definitely a great treatment, but make sure to read the instructions carefully. I didn’t get it right the first time and was sure it was a waste of money. I then wrote their customer support and they advised me on how to do it properly. Then I did it again and the result was amazing!

It’s the first time I can run my fingers through my hair without straightening it. I am very impressed

Perfect after a holiday in the sun

I wanted to try this treatment after a long holiday in the sun, which made my hair super dry and dull and it worked perfectly. My hair is now moisturised and nourished again.

Was very easy to use and happy with the results. The smell is also amazing. The only thing is that I ran out of shampoo and conditioner and they are not selling it separately so I could order more of it as it really suited my hair. 
I will need to order my second kit soon!

No words!

O’wow smoothing treatment has completely changed my hair care routines. It has been a few weeks since I did the treatment and I haven’t styled my hair after that.

OMG! I am speechless.

This treatment worked way better than I could have ever expected. Never thought I could have a frizzy-free hair just by washing and blowdrying it. That's all I need to do. Normally it took me at least an hour to style my hair with an iron after each wash. I am one happy hippo here now.


This might sound a cliché but my hair has never felt this silky and smooth. The change in my hair was huge after the treatment. Now after a few wash the hair is still super smooth and I haven’t touched my straightening iron ever since the treatment.

I’ve used other treatments but O’Wow has been my absolute favourite

I have been trying to find a hair product that will de-frizz by dry hair and always been disappointed on the products I have tried. I didn’t have much hopes on O’wow treatment till I saw the crazy results. I was speechless on how smooth it made my hair and it maintained for over two months. Will do the treatment regularly from now on.

Love this stuff!!!

This treatment has saved me a lot of time and money. After the treatment I only blow dry my hair after each wash and that’s it till the next wash.

After only one use I already see results!

I first thought that the kit is a bit over-priced but after I trying it the price feels totally justified. I don’t have to use any other hair products after the treatment and the shampoo and conditioner included the kit lasted for two months. I wash my hair two times a week.


First thing I do every morning is run to the mirror and admire how great my hair looks after having done this treatment. You need to try it out if you haven’t yet!

My new obsession

Since doing the O’wow treatment I’m left with a smooth and moisturised hair.

It smells soo soo good

Before trying O’wow smoothing treatment I struggled with dry and damaged hair. The treatment has massively increased my hairs’ shine and smoothness.

Love it 🙂

It has been a months since I did the treatment and my naturally frizzy hair still doesn’t require any straightening.

I can recommend this product

This treatment did not only tame my frizzy hair but also helped detangling my hair and added a great bounce and shine.


This treatment is literally O’wow. I simply can’t stop running my hands through my hair. Feels so satisfyingly soft and silky.


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